Farmer’s Market!

I can’t believe that after almost a year of strict ultra-healthy eating I had never been to the local Farmer’s market before this very morning! Before I get to the pictures and details, let me explain my eating restrictions so we all understand each other better.

I have Lyme Disease and have for approximately forever (possibly longer, it’s hard to tell). Because of the longevity of said condition, I have had the great pleasure of my body deciding that certain things just aren’t worth the effort. Like digesting milk, or preservatives, fake sugar, artificial colorings, white sugar, white flour.

“What?!” you say, “that’s a ridiculous amount of restrictions!!” “what’s left to eat?!”

It gets even better. Due to issues with yucky stuff (that’s a technical term) I can no longer eat any overt carbohydrates! Yep. That means zero whole grain anything (rice, flour, and the like), no fruit, no natural sweeteners, no potatoes even! And yes, I have a nutritional guy telling me to do this.

So basically I eat meat and veggies. I’m like a Steak-and-Potatoes manly man. Minus the potatoes, and the man part….

On to the Farmer’s Market!
I skipped pictures of the venue because it is held inside a cow barn during the winter months.. Not photogenic at all trust me!


Look at what I got!


Beets! And in 3 different varieties. As much of a veggie fiend as I am, I had never had a beet outside of a can before.

These were incredible, so sweet and delicate flavored with every variety having a subtly different flavor. You can be sure they were sweet and not ‘woody or earthy’ because they were declared to taste like sweet corn by my very opinionated and slightly finnicky 7 year old sister.

I also got a dozen farm fresh eggs!


I used one before taking the picture to make dairy free Caesar dressing! Recipe tomorrow when I remember to take a picture of my salad prior to inhalation =]

So how about you? Did anyone else score at a Farmer’s market recently? Am I the only one who never goes to them?


About Rachael Ann

I am a still a teenager but have the body of an elderly person. I have been battling chronic health problems for almost 4 years straight now. I kept saying I wasn't insane and making things up. I was right and it turns out that I have Lyme Disease! This is my way of keeping focused on the positives when the days are long and hard. I don't have all the answers but I keep hope.
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