I’m Nuts

I have a confession.

I’m addicted to nut butters!

Remember how I said yesterday that I was going to post pics and the recipe for my Caesar dressing and resulting salad? Well… Welcome to the world of the chronically ill! Things don’t always (or ever?) go as planned. I went to bed last night with an aching and bloated stomach and didn’t feel much better today.

So today is a comfort-food kinda day =]


Nut butters are a great comfort food for me with my multitude of food intolerances! I cannot have peanut butter and due to limited funds I don’t get cashew or other speciality nut butters almost ever. It ends up being me and almond butter, and we are very happy together!

Here’s my current lover. Trader Joe’s roasted creamy salted almond butter! I have tried all of them offered and this is beyond the best. The raw ones just don’t get as creamy. You can keep your peanut butters with hydrogenated oils, I like my butter to drip off the spoon.


See? Yummy!

I know most people probably eat theirs on bread or in oatmeal, I eat mine off a spoon =] sometimes I get all classy and put it in a cup/bowl before going at it. Sometimes I don’t! I ate my almond butter the classy way for lunch with delicious pea soup. Easy to digest? I hope so.

Right now I am on a big ol’ prescription of Doxycycline which is known to irritate the stomach in a major way. Luckily my nutritional supplement regimen has kept me relatively side-effect free! (this is coming from the person who could not handle Ibuprofen because of the side effects..)

Today is day 13 of antibiotics and I am still fatigued and experiencing a Herxheimer reaction whenever I take the meds. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be able to have some energy back! Until then, more of the good stuff:


I’m off to take nap #2 of my day! Can’t wait to maybe someday be beyond this physically degenerated state.

How do you eat your nut butter? Or do you like nut butter?


About Rachael Ann

I am a still a teenager but have the body of an elderly person. I have been battling chronic health problems for almost 4 years straight now. I kept saying I wasn't insane and making things up. I was right and it turns out that I have Lyme Disease! This is my way of keeping focused on the positives when the days are long and hard. I don't have all the answers but I keep hope.
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