Here’s the progression of how I went from a normal high school freshman and athlete to where I am today.


Shin splints started 08-2006
Sports medicine (crutches, braces and physical therapy) started 09-06-2007
Back problems started (even had a back brace for a while) 12-2007
Chiropractic treatment started 02-2008 and ended 05-2008
Homeopathic treatment started 05-2008 and still continues
2-day Pain rehabilitation program at the Mayo Clinic 09-2008
Community College 2008-2009
Moved away to University 2009-2010
Acupuncture 12-2009 to 02-2010
Discovered a myriad of food intolerances 04-2010
Left (different) University 08-2010
Fibromyalgia Diagnosis 11-2010
Nutritional Response Testing started 01-2011 and still continues
Lyme Disease Treatment 03-07-2011 and still continues


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